Monday, 15 October 2012

Is there a definition for what is right and wrong?

How does one measure what is right or wrong?

Form or definition allows us to perceive, delineate and to make a difference. Without form good is relative defined according to one’s own desire and whims thus the definition and attributes of good would fluctuate according to our own dictates and temperaments. This would catalyse mass confusion/…wait hasn’t it already?/

“A corrupt tree can never bring forth good fruits, therefore the measuring rod of what is right and wrong is in the results of the action.” – His Excellency Ben Ammi

Let’s take for example someone who smokes. One argues it’s their right to smoke and no one must tell them what to do / fair enough/ nevertheless it doesn’t change the fact that when one gets sick and eventually dies ,one must then think if it was the right thing to do.

It doesn’t involve your rights but what does this action produce – that is how one measures what is right and what is wrong. Definition frees us from the ordeal and trauma that indeterminacy and formlessness creates.

The dictionary definition breaks it down as follows:



Morally good, justified, or acceptable.


To the furthest or most complete extent or degree: "the car spun right off the track".


That which is morally correct, just, or honorable: "the difference between right and wrong".


Restore to a normal or upright position.


Used to indicate one's agreement with a suggestion or to acknowledge a statement or order.


adjective. correct - proper - just - true - straight - fit - fair

adverb. straight - directly - just - rightly - exactly

noun. justice - law - title

verb. straighten - redress - rectify - correct



Not correct or true.


In an unsuitable or undesirable manner or direction: "what am I doing wrong?".


An unjust, dishonest, or immoral action.


Act unjustly or dishonestly toward (someone): "the people I have wronged".


adjective. incorrect - erroneous - mistaken - false - improper - bad

adverb. amiss - wrongly - mistakenly - incorrectly - badly

noun. injustice - harm - fault - evil - error - iniquity

verb. injure - harm

-          Wikipedia  -
Not being able to differentiate between right and wrong is medically or scientifically defined as insanity.
Can we differentiate right from wrong when it comes to food we eat, company we keep or the lifestyle we live?
I think not, the majority of things we are exposed to in media are WRONG! The majority of foods we are encouraged to eat are WRONG! The reasons we are given to live complicated and unnatural lifestyles and then put a tagline of “It’s my RIGHT!” becomes somewhat ironic. /LOL !/
Ironic as a baker who bakes a cake but it comes out as a pudding, will he still continue with his method or find a better way to improve and get the initial result? It’s no use getting all worked up and emotional asking meaningless questions such as ”who gave you the right to tell people what they do is wrong or right” J My intention came from a place to help, not destroy and therefore whether I tell you or not it doesn’t change the motion, IT IS NOT RIGHT!
So here I was, looking through a book I got for free and thinking to myself, who is the target market for this publication /forgive me, my mind is constantly at work, that is a good thing right?/ so *BAM* I come across an article written, “ HELPING OTHER PEOPLE CHEAT KEEPS OUR MARRIAGE HEALTHY”
I stood there for a minute, staring at this article and thinking to myself /I hope this is some kind of play on words/ to my dismay, it was not.
The website, created by Noel Biderman, is geared toward married individuals looking for an additional relationship /in other words, an affair/. As the public face of the company, the former lawyer and sports agent has said he is a happily married father of two and does not cheat himself.
Evidently Noel understands the difference between right and wrong, he chose not to have an affair yet strangely encouraged others to do so /now I know that aint right!/
Would you trust this man with your life? I mean he has a good image: Happily married man, with two children and 100% faithful to his wife, yet he leads other men and woman to an evil ends. Society’s ignorance feeds his outlandish lifestyle.
Now allow me to refer back to the Braysheet (Genesis) idea :
“Of all the trees in the garden you may freely eat, but of the tree of good and evil though may not eat, or ye shall surely die”
Therefore bringing it back to a simple understanding, it doesn’t matter that he tells everyone what his “good” side is, the mere fact that he is proliferating wrong/evil in other people’s lives makes me doubt his sanity.  In the realms of the absolute does he know the difference?
Infidelity has never had a positive aspect to it whether one paints it as an excuse of an unhappy marriage, curiosity or the need for an adventure. Yet ironically our president, who practices polygamy with wives who are willing to share him as a husband is seen as wrong in our country, this website had the fastest sign-up rate in South Africa /14 000 in 1 week!/, so I ask the question again, do we understand the difference between right and wrong? If men/women are only doing what they have been taught, what kind of institution has produced such a mind?
So much has been said in the media about this website and its founder and owner, I implore you to continue this interesting and mindboggling issue right here – Is what Noel Biederman doing right or wrong?